Field Trips!!!

Mark these days on your calendar NOW and plan to join us for fun filled days of Rockhounding!!


Rockhounding Calendar


Field Trip Rules

1) Teamwork is very important!

2)  Always leave the area cleaner than you found it.

3)  If you have to dig for the "treasure", please fill your hole back in for the safety of others, as well as the local wildlife.

4)  Take what you need. Also maybe a couple specimens for members who were unable to attend the trip.

5)  We will be sending a bucket out on each trip to put pieces in for bag fills and auction tables. That will help so the same people aren't having to donate every time.  It will be a club activity!

6)  Enjoy yourself and the other people you are hounding with.  We are all there for the same love of rocks!


We want everyone to leave each trip excited for the next one.

*There will be sign-up sheets for each trip, including name and cell number.

*If you have an extra seat in your vehicle, please think about grabbing someone who doesn't have a vehicle that will make it to some of the locations.

*There will be a first aide kit provided for the trip.

*Maps will be printed for the people attending in case of anyone getting separated, also there will be a cell number for the leader of the trip (and the hope that there is some sort of cell reception!)


Lets make this an amazing year of fun and discovery!!!  Any other ideas you have, please do not hesitate to share them with me.


We need people to volunteer to lead field trips. All you need to do is pick a place you want to go, pick a day to go, and then just lead the people to your rock hunting spot. So many people want to go rock hunting but no one will volunteer to take them out into the field. Come join us on a field trip, see how easy it is to organize, and let us know where you can take us next time. 

Check back each month for updated dates and field trips